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    100cm Argentinian Style BBQ

    Family Size Height Adjustable BBQ and Grill Perfect for cooking up a Storm at your next party or gathering

    • Description

      This Assador Grill is based on a traditional Argentinian barbecue. Generally, wood fired, although it can be used with charcoal briquettes or lumpwood. Once the fire has died back and the wood or coals are glowing with a covering of white ash, the embers are spread out under the grill to provide a gentle, even heat perfect for slow cooking.

      The steel grill comprises v-shaped channels and as it is slightly elevated at the rear, it allows all the fat to drain off into a trough at the front of the grill, for a healthy way to cook. The chain driven crank enables you to vary the height of the grill so you can alter the cooking temperature.

      A removable ash tray makes cleaning easy.

      An Assador is a popular social gathering in Argentina, culminating in a barbecue with plenty of meat doused with Malbec wine and Fernet with coke! The menu commonly includes sausages, beef steak, short ribs, pork, chicken and sweetbreads with liberally applied course BBQ salt and accompanied by a basic green salad. The meal usually commences with provolone cheese (a semi-hard full fat cow`s milk cheese) with herbs and pepper served in tin foil so it can put on the grill, the molten cheese is then cut into squares and passed around the gathering.



      Steel grill with v-shaped channels

      Height adjustable grill provides temperature control

      Fat drains into a trough at front of grill

      Removable ash tray


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