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    Traeger Rubs

    Traegers very own selection of fantastic Rubs. Perfect for all meats and occasions.

    • Description

      Choose from a wide and varied selection of professional BBQ Rubs to give flavour colour and texture to your BBQ.

      Blackened Saskatchewan

      This backcountry rub packs an untameable flavour punch. With garlic and our signature spices as its backbone, this blend is a sure-fire winner on just about anything. Net weight 227g


      Traeger Rub

      Traegers house rub is ready to tackle any protein you have got. This crazy versatile combo features garlic and chili pepper notes and will quickly become a seasoning staple. Net weight 255g



      Unleash your wild side and spice your on-the-go protein snacks with this savoury blend. This rub is so good even your meat will ask for it. Net weight 170g



      This rub is all the buzz. Wake up your taste buds and add rich coffee flavour to whatever you are Traegering. Net weight 233g


      Prime Rib

      Forget beef with boring BBQ flavours. Hit your prime rib, or other beef cuts, with this seasoning packed with garlic, herbs, and addictive flavour. Net weight 262g


      Fin & Feather

      From the land to the sea, this versatile, savoury rub pairs perfectly with deep water swimmers and feathered fliers. Net weight 156g



      Beef up your BBQ routine with our Beef Rub. Featuring brown sugar and chili pepper, it pairs perfectly with our Sweet & Heat sauce. Net weight 233g




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