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    Angus and Oink Sauces

    Award Winning BBQ Sauces and Hot Sauces from Angus and Oink makers of some of the best tasting BBQ and Hot Chilli Sauces

    • Description

      Angus & Oink started when they were working in the South American Oilfields. Cooking has always been their passion and especially BBQ food in all its wondrous forms. Discovering hot sauces, BBQ sauces all over the continent changes their world and now they hope to bring the same tantalising flavours to your taste buds!

      • Hot Sauces

      Voodoo Mango 150ml, West Indian pepper sauce goes with Jerk Chicken, pork, Prawns and wings.

      Red Dawg Apache 150ml, Louisiana pepper sauce goes with pork, chicken Sausage, Prawns and wings.

      • BBQ Sauces

      Pit Boss Texas BBQ 300ml, New Recipe for 2019 Texas style smoky BBQ sauce that goes perfectly with Brisket, sausages.

      NEW! Red house 300ml, Sweet BBQ Glaze for Pork and Chicken.

      Rampant Angus 300ml, Habanero spicy ketchup with deep unami flavours.

      Baby Pangang 300ml, Indonesian style ideal with pork and stir fries.

      Thai Sweet Chilli 300ml, Sweet tangy and medium spicy.

      Glazed & Confused 300ml, Award winning BBQ Sauce sweet and smoky yet spicy and fruity.

      Dirty Barbie 300ml, Bourbon and expresso deep and dark sauce for beef.



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