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Angus and Oink Rubs

A wide selection of fantastically mixed dry rubs for all meats and meals, add Flavour and Spice up your Life!

  • Description

    Choose from 19 different Dry Rubs from two Interesting lines, all with their own qualities to Produce Amazing professional results. 

    All in resealable 200g plastic tubs.


    Rub Me Line:

    Mexican: Big Bold Mexican Flavours with Cumin, Oregano, Ancho, Chipotle and Tomato Ideal for Burritos! 200g

    Gaucho Steak: Deep and Herby with Lemon, Thyme, Oregano and a touch of Chilli brings grass fed aromas suited to beef 200g

    Montreal Steak: Montreal style seasoning for Steaks with coriander, garlic, pepper and dill 200g

    Texas Steak: Rub for Steak and Beef layered with pepper, garlic, onion and salts with herb undertones 200g

    Tandoori: A Deep Tandoori Spice with Turmeric and Beetroot for amazing colour you can mix with yoghurt to make a Tandoori Paste 200g

    Char Siu: A Rich and Aromatic Blend with Anise and beetroot perfect with Pork Ribs, Chicken Wings 200g

    Honey Chilli: A Blend of Honey, Turmeric and five spices perfect with Chicken or Prawns 200g

    Harissa: An Aromatic blend of spices developed for Lamb and Chicken with Cumin and cloves giving a Moroccan flavour 200g

    Shawarma: A fascinating Blends of spices perfect with both Lamb and Chicken. Make your own Kebabs! 200g

    Big Phat Greek: Mediterranean herbs and spices blended in development for pork and Chicken Souvlaki and Gyros 200g

    Piri Piri: Portuguese flavour with Cumin, paprika, tomato, orange, onion and chilli 200g

    Garlic and Herb: Aromatic and flavourful garlic and herb all-purpose Italian style Rub 200g

    Zhoug: A spicy blend of coriander, parsley, Jalapeno and Cardamom 200g

    Korean: Exotic Colours bold and inspiring flavours 200g

    *NEW For the Festive Season* Meat Tinsel: This product was developed with inspiration from Christmas when Hams are baked with aromatic spices, turkeys are basted, and mince pies are set free!! Can also be used for cakes, apple pies and to season grilled or baked fruits. You got to try this on peaches, you can thank us later! 200G

    Meat Co Lab Line:

    Porky White Chick: Angus and Oinks best seller is a complex style BBQ rub That resulted from a collaboration between Angus & Oink and Miss Piggy`s BBQ Team. 200g

    Sweet Bones & Butts: Is an Award-Winning sweet rub made from Maple Sugar and Javanese Sugar bringing lots of flavour and a fantastic Colour. 200g

    Feather and Duster: This Brings A Heat and Savoury master booster to Chicken and Ribs 200g

    Dirty Cow: Award Winning rub for Maximum Crustal distortion for Beef Ribs and Brisket. Adds an umami punch with a coffee and Soy Beefiness 200g

    Jack and Cola: New Product that makes Ribs, Pork and Chicken taste of Cola with a Chipotle Chilli Heat 200g


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