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    Fornetto Razzo Bullet Smoker, Black 18in

    All-in-one, multi-purpose outdoor smoker, to smoke, roast, steam or barbecue anything you like using charcoal or wood, for that authentic, smokey flavour to have your dinner guests begging for more!

    • Description

      The Fornetto Razzo 18\" Midnight Black Bullet/Water Smoker Oven is much more versatile than competing products on the market. A true multi-function smoker oven. With the flexibility of stackable baskets, grill trays and hanging hooks tucked conveniently within the hood, you can cook everything from freshly caught fish, to a whole turkey with all the trimmings!

      Flexibility - Smoke, roast, steam or barbecue. Add or remove segmented \'smoker rings\' to quickly transform into a larger capacity smoker or convenient charcoal grill BBQ.

      Internally is a 15.55\" 304 grade stainless steel grill tray great for grilling food directly above the coals for traditional charcoal-style barbecue, or for layering food for smoking or gently roasting meats using indirect cooking methods.

      Two 304 grade stainless steel internal stackable cooking baskets are nice and deep so that when you are moving your food around things will not fall out.

      18\" segmented enamelled steel cook chamber helps retains valuable heat and enable airflow within the fire chamber
      • Tight sealed access doors in each section for easy access to top up water or fuel as required without smoke escaping with phenolic handles to protect from hot surfaces beneath
      Stainless steel hanging hooks tucked into the domed hood, ideal for hanging meats, whole fish or fillets, cheese, sausages and other foods.
      • Extra wide tripod feet for extra stability while allowing air to freely circulate around the bottom vents
      • A lid thermometer is calibrated in both Fahrenheit and Celsius for quick and easy monitoring
      Phenolic Air Control Dials allow air into the fire chamber while the dial on the hood draws the heat and flavoured smoke upward and through the oven chamber.
      • Silicone Coated Handles allow each section to be lifted in and out of position easily
      Thermometer holes located near the access doors allow digital thermometers to be inserted into different sections of the oven chambers without letting heat, smoke or flavours escape.

      Cooking over coals is increasingly popular, with so many switching onto the \'low and slow\' way of cooking and adding endless combinations of flavoured woods to add another dimension to their barbecue cooking skills. The Razzo makes it easy to produce great tasting food using the traditional cooking methods of wood, fire and smoke, using the highest quality materials to deliver outstanding results.


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