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    Primo XL 400 Oval Ceramic Grill All In One

    Primo`s most popular ceramic grill, and no wonder. It offers the largest cooking area and the patented oval shape offers superior cooking efficiency and accessibility. Grill, bake, roast or smoke any food.

    • Description

      The Patented Oval delivers the highest level of cooking versatility and performance. It creates two distinct cooking zones, so that you can cook directly over the charcoal on one half of the grill and cook indirectly with the use of a deflector. This two-zone cooking method gives you far more control over the doneness food. You get the same control with our gas model, the Primo Oval G 420.

      If you've ever tried to grill a steak and vegetables at the same time it's likely that the steak came out fine, but the vegetables came out too charred. Or you had to roast the vegetable first, then keep them warm while you grill the steaks. We ran into the same problem. Now you know why we developed the Primo Oval.

      An added benefit of the Primo Oval Design is that it holds more food than round grills. Most food is not round and you can cook out to the edge of the Primo Oval without losing valuable cooking space.

      Primo XL400 All In One Ceramic Grill includes

      Stand and Shelves
      Internal Firebox & Fire Grate
      2 Piece Porcelain Coated Reversible Cooking Grid
      Dual Function Metal Top
      Thermometer Dome Gauge
      Ash Tool
      Grate Lifter
      Heat Deflector Plates
      Heat Deflector Racks
      Firebox Divider

      Cooking Area - 400 sq in. 2,580cm2
      Optional Rack System - 280 sq in. 1,806cm2
      Total Cooking Area - 680 sq in. 4,386cm2
      Cooking Grid - 18.5" x 25" 47cm x 64cm
      Temperature Range - 150° to 850°F / 66°C to 454°C
      Fuel Source - Natural Lump Charcoal
      Grill Body - Premium-Grade Ceramic
      Grill Colour - Black
      Ceramic Thickness - 0.75
      Cooking Grate - Two-Piece Reversible Porcelain Coated Steel
      Bands - Powder Coated Steel
      Hinge - Powder Coated Steel
      Top Vent - Powder Coated Cast Iron with Dual-Function Top
      Draft Door - Stainless Steel
      Charcoal Grate - Cast Iron
      Thermometer - Analog with °F and °C Face, Can be Calibrated
      Country of Origin - Made in USA
      Warranty - 
      Limited Lifetime on Ceramic Parts
      5-Year on Metal Parts
      1-Year on Cast Iron Parts 
      30 Days on Gaskets & Thermometer


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