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    Monolith Guru Edition Classic 18

    We have just one left of Monolith`s original Guru Edition!

    • Description

      The Monolith Guru Edition Classic combines German engineering with American ingenuity.

      This Monolith Guru Edition Classic includes the following:

      -Unique to the Guru range of grills is the Integrated Fan Blower and Controller Mount!

      Ceramic Stabilising Feet

      - 2nd tier grate

      - Split heat deflector stone

      - Pizza stone

      - Smoking chips feeder Cart and side shelves

      - Charcoal basket with divider

      - Grate lifter.

      Image shows the DigiQ DX2 controller which is an optional extra. 

      Now, when you utilise the Integrated Fan Blower with a DigiQ DX2 Tempreature Controller (not included, see related item) you will enjoy the ultimate controlled cooking experience.

      The DigiQ DX2 controller unit\\\'s spiral cable links it to the integrated fan. Probes connect to both the food and the grill and then.....

      With the controller set for required food cooked temperature and the grill temperature set to suit how/what you intend to cook, be it low \\\'n\\\' slow, roasting or searing the DigiQ 2DX then takes over. Should the grill temperature drop the fan kicks in to boost the charcoal burn, when the cooked food temperature is reached an alarm will signal. At any point you can check the controller to see the temperatures, and with further features that include;

      Open lid detect, senses when the grills lid is open to minimise temperature disturbance.

      Exclusive low and slow Ramp mode lowers the grill temperature as food temperatures approach the done set-point so food never overcooks.

      to include the DigiQ DX2 see the related item at the bottom of the page.

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