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    Monolith Le Chef GURU pro series 1.0

    The All New Guru Pro series is in a league of its own when it comes to features and cooking size

    • Description

      The Monolith LeChef Guru PRO-Series 1.0 - Black with Cart has been updated for 2019 take the LeChef to a new level in ceramic cooking innovation. This ceramic grill will give endless possibilities for grilling, smoking, baking, cooking, barbecuing or roasting all the while blending great looks and functionality in one grill for all round versatility with the newly introduced Smart Grid System and Pro Series Firebox providing even greater levels of excellent performance. 

      The Monolith LeChef Guru PRO-Series 1.0 - Black with Cart features the innovation of an integrated temperature control fan, blower, housing system which can be controlled by the separately purchasable Monolith Cyber Cloud Controller for Guru Edition, for internet compatibility, or Monolith DigiQ DX2 Controller for Guru Edition enabling the cooking temperature within to be monitored and remotely regulated without needing to open the Monolith which causes the temperature within to drop dramatically. 

      The now included Smart Grid System consists of two half-moon cooking grates, two half-moon interlocking drip trays and two half-moon deflector stones which all can be positioned in any one of 4 height settings of the stainless-steel frame which they are built into. The stainless-steel frame can be easily lifted in and out of the Monolith LeChef Guru PRO-Series 1.0 - Black with Cart in one simple movement. 

      The Pro Series Firebox has been re-vamped so that it now features a set of five segmented ceramic pieces which are seated in a stainless-steel frame funnelling ash down to a concave shaped ash collector and profiled stainless-steel shovel for even greater efficiency and simplicity of use. 

      All Monolith Kamados are constructed from extremely heat-resistant ceramics, combined with high grade stainless steel, with the high insulative capacities of the heavy ceramic and the clever regulation of the air flow into the kamado meaning that the temperature can be controlled more successfully than in any other type of grill plus the charcoal consumption is approximately 25 - 50% lower than with a more typical charcoal grill. 

      Monolith Kamados feature a unique smoke wood pellet feeder system consisting of hinged access to the firebox and a feed chute so wood pellets can be put into the fire with no need to remove the lid. Just open the hinged access hatch, insert the feed chute and push the wood pellets into the fire with the tool supplied.


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