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    Sigolo Pizza & Multi-Function Oven

    Multi-Function Wood Oven and Kitchen

    • Description

      Want a pizza oven that\'s more than an oven? This incredible unit acts as the ultimate outdoor cooking apparatus, transforming quickly and easily from pizza oven to cast-iron grill to smoker to plancha (flattop metal grill) to wok, all by swapping removable, but fully integrated, accessories.

      - Interchangeable accessories, including a pizza stone, cast-iron grills, cast griddles and wok top, allow you to cook in many different styles with one unit.
      - Easy set-up lets you go from delivery to delicious in just minutes, but if you need to move or remodel, is completely portable.
      - The oven consumes five times less wood than a traditional brick oven, making it easy on your budget and the environment.
      - Heats up in 15 minutes and cooks evenly and quickly every time.
      - Cook directly on the heating stone for old-world results in a modern, easy-to-use oven.

      Fuel Type: Wood / Charcoal
      Weight 100kg
      Cooking Chamber (w x d) 55cm x 45cm
      Overall Dimensions (h x w x d) 118.8cm x 62cm x 59.7cm


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