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    Forno Sessanta Wood Oven & Cabinet

    Multi-use Indirect Combustion Wood Oven

    • Description

      Indirect combustion wood oven, where the wood burns separated from the cooking chamber. Cooking chamber 57x42 cm with a height of 37cm, which allows you to cook on three levels. Equipped with a plancha refractory CE certified for contact with food, the oven is ideal for baking bread and pizza and any kind of dish. Perfectly insulated with 12 cm natural rock wool, the temperature is reached in a very short time with only 2,5 kg wood, and the temperature is maintained with only one kilogram of wood per hour. Internal structure in stainless steel, outside in painted (with a high temperature coating) electro-galvanized steel for maximum protection against corrosion. Supplied with portable trolley, flue pipe and stainless steel cap, two cooking grates and two aluminium pans and thermometer.

      Indirect Combustion Oven
      Indirect Combustion Ovens provide a separate chamber that is used to build the fire and create heat. The fire chamber is located below the cooking chamber and heat rises around the upper cooking compartment. The benefits of this wood fired oven design include a clean, smoke and ash free cooking area. Additionally, this outdoor oven design allows for multiple racks for simultaneously cooking numerous foods.

      Fuel Type: Wood
      Weight 160kg
      Overall Dimensions (h x w x d) 192cm x 88cm x 90cm


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