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    Fontana Forni Red Capricciosa Multi-Use Pizza Oven

    Fontana Forni outdoor oven barbecue Red Capricciosa Pizza Oven with Trolley is a multi-use Direct Combustion Wood Oven for baking pizza and bread in the traditional Italian way. 

    • Description

      There\'s something magical about pizza cooked to perfection on the wood-fired stone of a traditional Italian oven... the crispy crust, the melted mozzarella, the simmering sauce. Now, with the Capri Pizza Oven, the smallest and most economical of our ovens, it\'s easy to make the ideal choice for those who want a compact, portable pizza oven for outdoor entertaining, while not breaking the bank. It heats up in minutes and cooks efficiently, which allows you to focus your attention on preparing and serving your meals. And the Capri Pizza Oven is versatile enough to cook other dishes, including breads, casseroles and vegetables.

      Direct Combustion Oven
      Direct Combustion Oven involves cooking and baking in the same chamber as the fire, similar to our other outdoor ovens except the cooking heat radiates directly from the fire, creating very fast cook times for wood fired pizzas and more. In a Direct Combustion Oven you build your fire directly on the cooking surface either at the rear or to one side of the oven. Once the fire is stoked and the coals are hot, you simply cook and bake directly adjacent to the embers and flames. This can, cook a pizza in as little as 2 minutes. Another of the many benefits of this design is that it pre-heats in just 10-15 minutes.

      Fuel Type: Wood
      Weight 70kg
      Overall Dimensions (h x w x d) 160cm x 79cm x 58cm


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