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    S3000e Series 4 Burner Designer Cabinet Trolley and side burner, 10% OFF + FREE Cover

    This number is really one to get the heart pumping. With heaps of available cooking space.

    • Description


      This Signature 3000e series 4 burner barbecue, trolley and side burner has everything you need for cooking up a storm!

      This powerful barbecue sits atop a spacious cabinet trolley made from stainless steel with double doors and side shelves.

      The Signature 3000e has a fantastic 10-year warranty - each barbecue in the Signature series is a step up from the Discovery series 5-year warranty as it is manufactured from a higher grade of steel and has a bigger window in the roasting hood.

      • Vitreous enamel roasting hood with large glass viewing window.

      • Unique v-shaped channels on the 3000e grill create a better cooking surface.

      • Rust resistant cast iron cooktop.

      • Large removable warming rack.

      • Stainless steel reflectors.

      • Stainless steel vaporizers.

      • Quartz start ignition system.

      • Stainless steel cabinet trolley.

      • Integrated side burner.


      Signature 3000 4 Burner Dimensions

      Height:                 1230mm

      Width:                  1486mm

      Depth:                  587mm

      Weight:                113kg (249lbs)

      Total Power:      72000BTU 




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