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    S3000e Series 5 Burner Built-in

    Built-in brilliance featuring solid, easy clean, no fuss porcelain enamel construction with rust free cooktops

    • Description

      The Signature S3000e series from Beefeater is certainly out there to impress…. Made from shimmering stainless steel and durable porcelain enamel, these barbecues are packed with features that will turn any party into a roaring success. A real Aussie legend.

      This number is really one to get the heart pumpin\'. With heaps of available cooking space you can\'t get much bigger or more powerful than this. Step up to the plate and enjoy using this magnificent party beast.

      All Beefeater Built-in range have the ability to to be converted from use with bottled propane gas to connection into the UK mains gas supply using the separately purchased gas conversion kit which gives an useful degree of flexibility when planning an out door kitchen area to build the grill into.

       Beefeater cooking grills are made from porcelain enamel coated cast-iron, one of the toughest coatings available and one of the easiest to keep clean.
      • On third griddle and two thirds cooking grate cooktop
      • Porcelain enamel roasting hood with integrated temperature gauge and large removable warming rack and glass viewing window and stainless steel control panel
       Innovative titanium-coated Quartz Start Ignition system ensures long life and trouble free starting. No fiddly batteries or buttons. Start every time. No worries.
      • High performance cast-iron burners
       Stainless steel Vaporizer Grid System allow traditional smoke and sizzle whilst reducing annoying flare-ups and heat loss for faster cooking and superior fuel economy No need for those messy \'volcanic hot rocks\'.
      • LPG/propane gas hose and regulator
      • 10 Year Limited warranty

      Signature 3000 3 Burner Built-in Dimensions
      Height: 528mm
      Width: 973mm
      Depth: 578mm
      Weight: 68kg
      Total Power: 90000BTU 

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