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    DigiQ DX2 with Universal Adaptor and Pit Viper Fan

    Purchase in conjunction with any Monolith Guru Edition BBQ, or use the included Universal Adaptor and Pit Viper Fan to fit on similar Kamado models to create the ultimate cooking experience.

    • Description

      DigiQ DX2 controller for Monolith Guru Editions, or with the included adaptor on similar Kamado models  - A smart temperature control system designed for Kamado Grills with the following features:

      -Universal Adaptor
      -Pit Viper fan
      - Automated temperature controlsFull-time adaptive control algorithm learns how your pit behaves for better stability and accuracy
      - The Open Lid Detection option senses when the cooker is open. This minimises the temperature disturbance and quickly recovers your grill to the desired cooking temperature 
      - Exclusive Ramp Down feature lowers cooking heat when meat temperature rises close to the done temperature so meat doesn't overcook
      - Because of its precision, your charcoal burns more efficiently, lasts longer, and saves you money
      - High intensity LED display that is visible in bright sunlight
      - Controls temperatures ranging from 32?F-475?F range with +/- 2?F accuracy
      - Runs on 100-240V AC power (12V DC power options available, sold separately)
      - Can control up to two powerful Pit Bull fans (for bigger cookers)
      - Aluminium control box is rugged and rust-free
      - Proudly made in the USA

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